Long Live the Thorn Queen

Shadow Heir by Richelle Mead

It must hard living in the shadow of a famous ancestor. For Eugenie and her unborn twins it could be the death of them.

Shaman, monarch, mother-to-be, and all around awesome action heroine Eugenie Markham is flexing her many titles and fairy overlordess skills in this thrilling possible finale in the Dark Swan series.

Eug is having a rough pregnancy. Mostly because people keep trying to kill her. So she flees to the human world to go into hiding. But her Otherworld prophetic fearing adversaries are about to get sidetracked by a devastating blight, that’s not only killing the land but it’s people as well. Eugenie’s self imposed exile is going to have to be cut short so she can join the Oak King and Kiyo on a quest to end the enchantment ravishing their kingdoms.

Lines will be crossed, secrets and true colors are revealed, as Eugenie faces some of the most difficult choices of her life.

This is one of my favorite series on audiobook. All of Mead’s series’ have excellent audio companions with wonderful narrators and production value. Shadow Heir is no different. Jennifer Van Dyck is an amazing narrator. She really threw herself into the characters and performances. I literally couldn’t stop listening and was practically sleepless in Shadow Heir most if the night.

Shadow Heir was a rough and tumble high stakes fight from beginning to end. Mead doesn’t let up on action and court politics just because her lead has a couple of buns in the oven. There was thought provoking posturing between action sequences, and some nice twists in a few of the threads. I am always intrigued by how Mead defines true love. Her couples are never the male or female clone of one another. Usually they are complete opposites, someone who compliments you in a fill-in-the-gaps sort of way, providing what the other is lacking. Yet again Mead doesn’t fail to pique my interest with her couplings here in Shadow Heir. I also felt Mead put a lot of herself and her personal life in this book, it made Eugenie’s pregnancy and motherly hardships feel very honest and believable.

While all the storylines ended nicely, wrapping up the series, it just didn’t fell completed. It seems to end right when I want to know more about the fate of these characters. But Mead did leave herself room to continue, so even though this looks like the end, maybe we’ll meet up with these characters again. Hopefully.

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4 stars -loved it! 

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