Everything But That All Consuming Need to Lose Myself

Enchanted Again by Robin D. Owens

Amber’s in a bit of a bind. When it comes to breaking curses she just can’t seem to help herself. Unfortunately Amber has no one to help guide her, teach her about this gift and she’s learned the hard way that every time she does break a curse it has consequences.

When a handsome young man comes knocking on her door bound with a death curse, Amber will use all her skills to help him find the counter to his curse but even that may not be enough. As his importance to her becomes more apparent he might be too much for her to resist going against all those vows not to break curses, and the price for helping him could mean her life.

Enchanted Again was an interesting take on the term “modern day fairy tale”. Owens’ creates her own unique spin on the fairy realms by merging them with everyday life and the virtual gaming world. I loved her secondary characters but found it hard to connect to her leading lady. While Enchanted Again had a solid story line, interesting personalities, and a compelling merging of the real and imaginary worlds, I still found it hard to get into the book. It had everything but that all consuming need to lose myself.

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3 stars – liked it!

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