Surprising in Every Way

The Demon Lover by Juliet Dark

It’s very rare to pick up a book and have any and all expectations shattered. I thought from the cover to the summary and title that the premise was explicit, that The Demon Lover would be just another typical paranormal romance. But it wasn’t. Everything about this book was a surprise.

Callie McFay is use to the hustle and bustle of NYC high society but with the tough economy and jobs at a premium she finds herself excepting a position at a small college in upstate New York. Despite the change in her plans Callie finds herself drawn to the school, town, and her new home. She’s even excited about continuing her research on gothic literature. But the Rockwellian town is far more than what it seems. And as Callie’s haunting dreams become more real the secrets that surround her begin to unravel.

The Demon Lover is nothing short of surprising. Juliet Dark is an expert tease taking the reader to the brink of sensuality then pulling back like a splash of cold water. The title evocative of so many sinfully written eroticas heavy handed in the bed but light in the plot, yet in no way does justice to the carefully constructed concept behind the complex threads. The Demon Lover intertwines the story within the study of a story. Dark uses the framework of a gothic romance like a needle and threads her paranormal romance throughout it which was a refreshing approach to world bulding. Any ideas of the content or supernatual focus of the book being demonic soon shifts to folklore and fairy tales, adding yet another layer of misperceived notions from first glance.

Juliet Dark takes on an ambitious risk with this book. The intricate ideas, which so easily could have gone wrong, triumphantly payoff creating a rich vibrant depth of storytelling that will have readers lost in the ever shifting landscape of The Demon Lover’s lore.

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5 stars -loved it! 

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