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Right now I’m using my OmmWriter to compose this post. I use this program to write almost everything including any content in my blog. The most I write on the fly outside my Omm is a few lines here and there or corrections during my proofreading prior to posting. I find I don’t like the little text fields used in internet entry forms. They’re confining and claustrophobic to my thoughts.

Conceptually the OmmWriter is designed to immerse the user in a completely productive writing environment. Every detail has been thoughtfully created to improve the writing process.

OmmWriter features several different beautiful backgrounds, ambient music, fonts, keystroke sounds, and character sizes. All chosen to help keep your mind focused on writing, not life’s constant distractions. Even the horizontal cursor was implemented so as not to impede the flow of words unlike the tiny little wall a vertical cursor creates. I really like the openness of this program. It blocks out the mess I’ve made on my desktop and any other windows I have open.

I use the Mac version on my computer and the iPad app on my device mostly to jot down thoughts or notes while I read or when I’m on the go. You can save or export files as a .TXT, .PDF, .RTF, or .OMM and you can email files directly form the iPad app. There are some basic editing tool built into the program like Spelling and Grammar. There’s even a creepy little automated voice that will read your writing back to you. There’s an easily accessible word counter and adjustable text field.

This program is more about the love of writing and not the formatting of it. OmmWriter isn’t a word processor program. This isn’t a problem for me because all I really want to do is get my thoughts and feelings down efficiently, then copy and paste everything in a post or another program where I have more control over formatting and layout. Plus I’m not writing a book, just a few hundred words at a time. I personally despise Word and avoid it whenever possible, as a designer I use InDesign for any print materials anyway. Omm is a good alternative to the overly complicated and bland industry standard.

 If your still not convinced check this video   displaying the OmmWriter in action below.

OmmWriter Dana I is free, Dana II is available for $4.11, and the iPad app is $4.95. For more information or to download the Mac or PC program go to www.ommwriter.com.

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