Fundle for My Bundle


It is no secret that my dog is spoiled rotten. Well, I suppose that’s not entirely true, she’s semi-well behaved. Regardless, my canine kiddie deserves the best. When I stumbled upon the Fundle Petsling, I really wanted to give it a try. My dog loves to be well traveled, even it’s just to the local petstore.

Ever mindful of my dogs health and comfort, I was really attracted to the anatomically correct, ergonomic design, which allows your pet to sit, or lie down with comfort. The sling infuses all the canine comforts to simulate being held in your arms. The slanted shape is meant to hold a dog in a comfortable sitting position. Two large tubular pipings around the bag’s opening are meant to recreate arms holding up curious pups. Large pockets on either side provide convenient storage. Dual zippers, a padded strap, harness hook, and a mesh top are definite must haves. The sling can even be hung and used as a car seat.

While the Fundle is a favorite of my fido and I, it has some drawbacks. I suggest you get your dog use it’s unusual shape by trying it out at home. My dog wasn’t use to the unstructured bottom and it took a few rides around the house before she got settled. There is an adjustment pillow insert you can use for in between sized dogs that don’t quite fit the standard dimensions of the three available slings, but I don’t know how much support it gives the bag’s bottom. I am also not a fan of how the side pockets are constructed. Instead of having a closure of some sort the pockets are divided at the top with a vertically sewn seam part of the way down then open to the complete width of the bag. I’m never a fan of this, it seems lazy to me and gets annoying when you’re trying to fish something out and can’t find the section of pocket big enough to get my hand in, plus the seam stops me from folding the cover over and tucking it into one of the side pockets without completely removing it. The biggest flaw though, is the opening. A majority of the time the tubing along the mouth of the bag is great, maybe a little large but not really a problem until you close the sling completely. Then that tubing creates a cushiony wall, which wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t blocking the top closure with the only mesh swatch for airflow. This unfortunate design flaw makes the sling less appealing as a stealthy pet carrier for those not so enlightened stores you might need to hide a your fur baby in. I personally bought one of the 100% cotton linen petslings because I like the idea of the natural fabric, and I loved the colors/pattern (as seen in the above image). I’m glad for this pre-purchase choice because I think it breathes better. But Fundles come in other not so breathable materials as well, like leather and nylon, which is something to keep in mind when you purchase one.

All in all the Fundle Petsling has a lot of great features. I love having my hands free, not being encumbered by a leash or holding the strap of her doggie bag. It comes in an array of colors, prints, and fabrics. Most importantly my dog seems to really like it, she rides along at my side dangling out the top just enjoying the world from her comfy perch.

Here are some more product details provided by Fundle’s website.

Fundle’s range in price depending on size and materials. For purchase information check out Amazon or these sites: Pet Sling, Gramercy Pet, Pink Puppy, and Doggy Sling.

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