Romancing the Tome

All the little choices you make no matter how small insignificant or unknowing speaks to who you are. I think the choices you make in reading can say a lot about who you are. Have you ever thought about the choices you make when choosing that book on the shelve, or what it is about which literary boy toy team you root for that attracts you? Here’s some insight on me.

One of the draws to reading for me is the romance. Real relationships are satisfying but complicated and I find life can get in the way of remembering those simple things in a time where work, school, stress, and family obligations take over. I’ve been loved, hated, hurt, and jaded but reading helps keep the romantic optimist in me alive.

I am an adult who reads a lot of teen books. My fictional escapades in YA stem from the nature of the audience and how authors approach love because of the challenges posed by a younger audience. A lot of adult genres tend to rush into sex and by the end of three hundred pages declare their devote undying love. This doesn’t really do it for me romantically. I do love a well written and detailed muli page sex scene, but I never feel like the characters really know eachother. While adult books usually have more interesting and complicated story lines, I find myself still reading more YA. I prefer the slow building relationships, the innocence of first love, the all encompassing feeling that the whole world exists right here, right now between two lovers. I don’t mind the simpler story lines because it allows the love story to shine through.

I suppose romance is a lot of different things depending on what the reader likes. For me it’s the knowing or getting to know someone part or the falling. It’s those little things that say someone’s perfect for you that resonate with me. Right now I’m reading the Stephanie Plum books and I’m totally in love with Morelli. While I didn’t think the first book was very romantic I did like the passionate warring the leads had going on. I am only at the beginning of book four and you may be wondering why Joe is my character crush of the moment, and it’s because of those little things. I find their relationship comfortable, they come from the same place and have history. What really gets me is when Joe says things about Stephanie trying to fly as a child, because he noticed her even then, or knowing what kind of doughnut she always buys, him telling her not to stand him up or bail in the middle of the night, even him writing a poem about her on some wall. Those things tell me he knows her, notices her and what she likes, and has probably been in love with her since they were kids. I enjoy discovering all those little bread crumbs that lead into the bigger scheme of things. I might not be describing it right, but then again all of Edward Cullen’s stalker worthy qualities seem completely appropriate in the context of Twilight as well.

So what kind conclusions can you make from my reading preferences and how does that translate to your likes and dislikes? What does all this say about a person? For me, I suppose I will never grown out of that angsty emo teenager. I have always been a hopeless romantic. And I am an extremely private person, the kind that’s guarded and hard to know. Which is why the getting to know, or simply noticing someone for who they are, is the epitome of romance for me.

What are your thoughts?

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