The Buddy Belt

Certain pets have different needs and dangers that owners become mindful of over time. I have an in-betweenie sized dog, she weighs too much to be a teacup but she’s too tiny to be considered a small dog. Most dogs in the small and under category should only wear collars as an accessory since a traditional collar and lead comes with a hazard of a crushed trachea.

Smaller dogs should always use a harness of some kind to avoid neck injury. The Buddy Belt is my favorite. Buddy belts have a great design. My dog gets grumpy, and the all too common complicated Houdini worthy contraptions some harness employ can only lead to unnecessary stress on our four-legged friends. The Buddy Belt’s design makes it quick and easy to put on and take off. Buddy Belt’s aren’t cheap. Pricing depends on style, customization, and size. There are eleven different sizes with prices ranging from $38 to$164. The actual harness is made from high quality leather and is sturdily constructed. They come in various colors and sizes to fit pocketbook pooches to horse sized hounds.

My only complaints are with the strap and buckle that wraps around the body. Mine is more than twice the thickness of the arm holes’ strap. The arm holes are a great width for my dog’s size but the body straps and buckle get really bulky. Sizing may need some tweaking as well, I had to exchange the first one I bought because my dog used the last hole in her belt and the excess strap hung a few inches down her leg.

Some reviews have also noted issues with pets slipping out of the harness. This is very possible if the sizing isn’t right. There is also a chance of under leg chaffing, so the manufacturer makes liners for sensitive pups.

I know Buddy Belts are a bit pricey. But with the innovative design and high quality materials, I think of it being an investment in my dog’s health and worth every penny.

For more information visit Buddy-Belts.com or funnyfur.com.

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