Lights, Camera, Abraham Lincoln: Movie Star

I was going to continue my thoughts on Imaginary Boyfriends this week but saw this HBO featurette and had to share it. This video is about half as long as the one playing On Demand but I think it gets the point across.

They should seriously consider renaming this to Abraham Lincoln: Lumberjack with those wicked ax wielding skills. I haven’t read this book yet, but really who wants to read some historical biography, when you can read a kick ass vampire hunting Van Helsing president. The choice is clear. Visually this film is gorgeous. The look fits the period, the effects are very Guy Richie. The studio is putting real money into this production, I think they learned from that first Twilight film. Can you imagine the idiots who took the literary phenom that is Twilight, and decided to NOT put any money into the beginning of that franchise. Sure they upped the budget since then, but only because the standards of film making were so low. I would have been embarrassed, knowing how many people have watched and still watch it.

An episode of True Blood on television shouldn’t out shine a feature film.

Sorry, I can be snobby when it comes to movies. I know there’s no way it will be better than the book, but I appreciate that they’re trying to make a good film. Plus it can’t be all bad if the novelist also worked on the screenplay. So *Fingers Crossed* that the script is amazing. And hey as a bonus Seth Grahame-Smith also wrote the script for Tim Burton’s next flick Dark Shadows. I completely agree with Burton, this is a film I want to see!

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