Wednesday’s Watch -Tricked

Ok, so I might be in love with Kevin Hearne. He’s kind of like the human equivalent of Big Bang Theory geekiness meets Castle, only sadly I imagine his muse as Oberon. Clearly the dog is the best choice since he’s loyal and well Atticus’s leading ladies are a brood of german witches, a very butch kick-ass fae huntress, a dominatrix Morrigan, an ornery old irish lass, and an apprentice he can’t quite make a move on.  I think Atticus’s love life would improve if he shaved, because while the dude on the cover looks like Lost Girl’s wolf boy, the large soul patch he’s sporting is practically female repellent. Though with all the scary women in his life, that might not be a bad thing. But that aside if you haven’t jumped on the Iron Druid bandwagon, well you’re really missing out and need to get acquainted with Atticus. There’s a little bit-o-genuis on every page.

Tricked, the fourth installment of The Iron Druid Chronicles is due out April 24, the amount of days in between now and then are basically measured out in increments of forever. And FYI this series is most awesome in audiobook form. Trust me.

Check out my reviews of Hexed & Hammered or Pre-order your copy of Tricked by Kevin Hearne on Amazon here.

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