A Nice Read for Young Readers

How to Make a Golem by Alette J. Willis

Willis’ well written tale of a girl and her golem was filled with wonderful lessons of bullying, bravery, and friendship.

Edda’s turning twelve, unfortunately her big day is ruined when her happy and safe home is violated. Thieves not only took her gifts, they stole her security as well. When she meets the peculiar Michael Scot he offers her a way to be brave and safe with a little help from a golem.

Edda should know, always be careful what you wish for. When her wish does come true but is more hazardous than she imagined, Edda the mouse will have to employ her new found courage, make amends with her best friend, and enlist the help of her worst enemy to set things right.

I found the pacing slow throughout most of the book, while things did pick up at the end, the story wasn’t as exciting as I would have liked to keep me interested, but I don’t think that will deter the tome’s intended audience. While I don’t think the book was for me, it does have merits. The book has a solid foundation, the story lines were thought out and executed well. Plus there were plenty of positive underlying themes for young readers.

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3 stars – liked it!

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