A Perfect Book

A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison read by Marguerite Gavin

Being classified as dead, with a newly acknowledged demon status, and magically neutered like a dog, doesn’t suck nearly as much as having to deal with the frustratingly idiotic bureaucracy of the DMV. Rachel Morgan isn’t having a very good life, or afterlife according to the governmental powers that be. But when a low level department minion offers Rachel a case, she quickly finds herself entangled in the plans of a domestic terrorist organization known as HAPA or Humans Against Paranormals Association. The hate group’s goal is to eradicate paranormals. Too bad Rachel’s about as effective as a human right now with the binding cutting her off from the everafter and her magic. She’ll have to bide her time until she can get the unbinding done. Unfortunately Rachel’s blood is the key to their mission, and they’re doing everything they can to get to her.

Kim Harrison’s latest installment of the Hollows is simply seductive. A Perfect Blood draws you in and keeps you wanting more even after you’ve reached the end. Ten books deep into the series, Harrison has a firm grasp on the world and characters. The solidly established foundation allows her to focus on story lines and having a little fun with her writing. The plot was very interesting, I loved how inventive Harrison was in expanding everything she’s built and incorporated real world concerns, then translating them into her paranormal world. It’s always nice when an author avoids the well worn or expected story lines.

Rachel Morgan is feeling stuck, her roommates are moving on, but I think Morgan’s acceptance is the next step in her growth. I like Trent’s growth and direction, he and Rachel are still dancing around each other. I’m waiting for that love affair to explode into action. It can’t be just me who’d love to see a demon elf baby. Though I’m not sure how much longer this series will continue considering the growing separation between Ivy, Morgan, and Janks which makes everything feel like it’s ending.

This is THE series that got me hooked on audiobooks. There were about eight books out when I gave it a go and I really can’t imagine experiencing this series any other way. If you’ve been thinking about trying audiobooks the Hollows is a great place to start. Marguerite Gavin is an amazing narrator, especially in this series. Gavin’s voice is so belovedly associated with Rachel Morgan that there was a huge backlash when another narrator read the sixth book. In a way the switch just highlighted how good Gavin is, she really brings the books to life, and makes The Hollows one of my favorite series.

A Perfect Blood is another outstanding book, both written and read. So read it, or listen to it, either way don’t miss out on this one.

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5 stars -loved, loved, loved it! 

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