Everything YA Readers Love

Enclave by Ann Aguirre read by Emily Bauer

Enclave is a pulse pounding dystopian survival of the fittest.

Deuce is a newly minted huntress, trained to track and provide food along with protect her Enclave. But being the front line of protection is getting difficult. The once dim humanoid man eating creatures called freaks are wising up and organizing. Deuce and her partner Fade’s warnings are going unheard. The ruling elders don’t want to face an impending shift to the imperfect utopia they’ve created. It’s structure and rules used to keep the inhabitants controlled. But when Deuce starts to question the enclave’s intentions, she quickly finds herself caught up in one of the elder’s schemes resulting in her exile from the enclave.

Deuce has been training all her life for survival in the tunnels but how will her skills translate topside?

Ann Aguirre delivers a gritty portrayal of post-apocalyptic subterranean life in Enclave. She leads us through her dark desolate underworld with a vivid clarity. Aguirre developed great characters. Deuce was strong yet naive, rigid in the ways and beliefs of the enclave. Fade was mysterious and brooding, a bad boy in a soldiers facade. Aguirre’s world was a study in contrasts and extremes, the author using the juxtaposition of upper and lower settings as a reflection between opposing landscapes both physical and moral.

Emily Bauer’s performance of Enclave was wonderful. She had a voice that really suited Deuce along with a stable of vocal alterations to portray Ann Aguirre’s cast of characters and the acting chops to pull the whole thing off. The audiobook is definitely my format of choice for Enclave.

Enclave has everything YA readers love. A clash of worlds, interesting characters, and lots of romance set in a futuristic struggle for survival. Don’t hesitate to add this one to the top of you to be read pile.

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4 stars -loved it! 

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