Fey & Frosted Flakes

Cold Cereal by Adam Rex

Scott and his friends Emily and Erno find there’s more than milk in their morning munchies and those goofy cartoony characters on the breakfast cereal boxes aren’t just imaginary mascots in this surreal adventure brought to you by the good folks at Goodco.

Sixth-grade becomes a bit strange when Scott and his family have to move to the tiny town of Goodborough, N.J.. The change becomes difficult as Scott starts seeing strange creatures and having migraines. This seems to be the least of his problems when the figments start talking to him and telling stories of stolen magic and bizarre business practices. Along with his new sidekicks Erno and Emily, Scott will start to unravel the secrets of the local cereal company, and uncover a conspiracy by the not so good people at Goodco.

Modernity crashes into fairytales like a Coney Island freak show plopped in the middle of Wall Street in Adam Rex’s meal of the day, Cold Cereal. It’s a strange thought that that Trix-like rabbit is really a Phouka, but believable in an evil genius kind of way. Fans of the fey will appreciate the re-imagined oddities advertisers use to brainwash children into bullying parents to buy their products as real life legends of lore. Cold Cereal is a crazy insane take on the world of fairy. Rex has an uncanny way of grounding his inane ideas of classic folklore with commercialism. Illustrations sprinkled throughout the book add a feeling of finding that coveted toy in the cereal box, while at the same time enhancing the reader’s imaginative visuals of this unique world.

Author Adam Rex might have gone off the rails a little here and there but his tale of tweens and fey is interesting and different for even the biggest kids, making Cold Cereal a great story time book sure to capture the imagination of children and adults alike.

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4 stars -loved it! 

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