Good for Young Reader

Warriors of the Black Shroud by Peter Howe

Walker Watson is your average every day bookworm. Here in the normal world he’s nothing special just a kid with a birthmark. But in the world of Nebula he’s the Chosen One. The birthmark that’s been the bane of his earthly existence being a bullseye for bullies, marks him as royalty. As a darkening force threatens the light of Nebula and it’s people, Walker will have to find within himself the courage and strength to save the kingdom and his friends.

Warriors of the Black Shroud enforces a lot of great themes for young people. A lot of good lessons are expressed within the story that can be used to start a dialogue with children. How looks aren’t an indicator of character, or how the things that make us different no matter of how self conscience they make us are usually what makes us the most beautiful. Great themes of accepting yourself the way you are and friendship, believing in your self, having confidence in yourself, and standing up for what’s right.

While the morals are great, the plot wasn’t. The basis for the world build was lacking development. Simple story lines and concept loose it’s luster of interest after a while. The uncomplicated nature is perfect for young readers but i don’t think it will translate very far beyond a non juvenile audience.

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3 stars – liked it!

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