I Wanted More

Cross My Heart by Sasha Gould

Laura della Scala is the throw away daughter of an ambitious father. When her older sister Beatrice drowns and is unable to fullfill her role in their father’s scheming, he summons Laura from her holy exile within a convent to assume the role of fiancé to a vile and decrepit merchant.

It seems she’s just traded one prison for another, so when Laura is approached with an offer of aid by a secret society called the Segreta, she barters the secret she has to free her of the horrible impending union. But as she reacquaints herself with the world outside the convent walls, Laura begins to think her sister’s death wasn’t an accident, and the Segreta aren’t to be trusted.

Cross My Heart was a good read. Gould wrote a solid book, with good ideas, defined characters, a nice romance, and some intrigue. But I suppose I was hoping for more. More romance and twists more Venice. I wanted to read Cross My Heart because of it’s setting, I wanted to revisit this beautiful unique city, but it wasn’t highlighted like I thought it would be. It was a lot of good ideas wasted on typical story lines you could see straight through. The book was safe and formulaic. I wished the author would have push it and been more daring and different.

The understated Cross My Heart is really just a nice quiet read. What I thought had all the qualities of a stand out book, unfortunately blends into a sea of similar novels.

Cross My Heart will be released on March 13, 2012. Pre-order your copy here.

3 stars – liked it!

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