Rich Vivid World Written with a Cinematic Clarity

Harbinger by Sara Wilson Etienne

Faye is haunted by visions of a coming tide. The solemn solo teen sees things in the people around her, her strangeness strangling her social status. Faye doesn’t fit anywhere in the ruined world she exists in.

Faye finds herself exiled to a remote reform school in Maine, where torture is the preferred treatment. She meets her fellow “family” of students, including Kel, a boy she has an instant attraction too. But there is something strange about their new surroundings. Every morning they awake on the floor of their dorm to red stained hands.

As Faye unravels the secrets of her vision and the midnight mishaps, her new bonds start to fray and the truth could destroy them all.

Sara Wilson Etienne writes a rich vivd world with cinematic clarity. The characters and story were solid and moved at a good pace. There was a strong foundation built on local histories worked in well with the ruined future. I think it wasn’t really dystopian since the story revolved mainly around the destruction of the planet than the government.The environmental rants were on the brink of preachy but my only real problem with the book was Faye’s assumptions and distrusting period, which turned her character into an annoying heroine. I wish the author would have found another way to move the story along. It was a sloppy stain in the otherwise pristinely written prose of a vibrant new voice.

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4 stars -loved it! 

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