To Die For

Third Grave Dead Ahead by Darynda Jones read by Lorelei King

Hijinks and hilarity ensue when the Grimm Reaper is on the case.

Charley’s functioning on a diet of coffee, coffee, and coffee, at this point she’s more likely to be a portal to Starbucks than the other side. Her self induced insomnia is due to one scorned son of Satan passionately haunting her dreams. Every time Charley closes her eyes she’s bombarded with some transcendental loving via one smoking hot Reyes Farrow. Normally a little visit from the Prince of Darkness is welcomed but the Big Bad is angry and doesn’t seem to want to be with Charley in her every unwaking moment.

Good thing there’s work to fill in all her new free time not spent in bed. This go around Davidson is in search of a potential client’s wife, but with Charley’s semi coherent caffeinated skills she detects the good doctor isn’t quite as good as he appears. Unfortunately he’s also the least of Charley’s man troubles. Davidson is having daddy issuses, along with running into problems with a motorcycle gang, a victim’s very large brother, and a sadistic murder,on top of Reyes’ big bad baby woes about being bound, leaving Charley in need of an industrial sized can of man repellent.

Charley’s going to need a triple venti latte to save a few lives, uphold her portal duties, solve the case of the doctor’s missing wife, help Reyes, and start to realize exactly what a Grimm Reaper can do.

The Charley Davidson books are probably my favorite audiobook series. The combination of Darynda Jones and Lorelei King is to die for. Third Grave Dead Ahead is another expertly narrated book. King infuses life into Jones’ characters. I don’t think anyone else could so genuinely portray Charley for the funny, quirky, completely oblivious, ADD prone heroine and make her even more lovable than King does. I truly believe the audiobooks provide the best experience for this series.

Darynda Jones yet again gifts us with another outstanding book. She weaves a world rooted in reality but filled with the paranormal. I seriously wonder about Jones’ mental stability since she comes up with the craziest asides in the form of Charlie’s solitary thoughts. She gives us great dialogue that’s full of heart and hilarity. But all the fun is just a layer of frosting on top of a deceptively strong series of story lines. You don’t realize it until the end because you’re enjoying the journey Jones is taking you on but each book is filled with interesting threads and an amazing series plot. Her ideas are only supported by the great line up of characters, though sometimes I think their sense of humor is a little too symbiotic. I can understand her family and friends having that kind of connection but a newly acquainted FBI agent? The weird Stepford comedic sense is the only qualm I have. Everything else was wonderful.

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5 stars -loved, loved, loved it! 

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