Wonderfully Witchy

Bewitching by Alex Flinn

Alex Flinn doesn’t disappoint with another one of her unique interpretations. Bewitching is an exciting start to a promising new series combining the chronicles of a beloved character’s past and future adventures along with the modernized fairy tales Flinn fans have come to love.

The mysterious and magically mischievous Kendra steps out of the Beastly shadows and into the spotlight.

At least sort of. The main story line mostly involves Emma and her newly acquired stepsister Lisette. Emma’s a total daddy’s girl but Lisette isn’t the sweet lovable new addition she pretends to be. Lovely Lisette is slowly stealing away everything Emma holds dear, and when she finally goes too far Emma enlists the help of a certain teenage witch.

But Kendra knows all too well that spells very often backfire. There’s always a flaw in every plan. Emma needs to be mindful of what she truely wants.

The patent pending Flinn spin is in full tilt throughout Bewitching giving plenty of classics like Hansel and Gretal, The Little Mermaid, and Cinderella a fresh fictional face. Bewitching started out as a coming of age story about Kendra and her family, and seemed to drag a little. I became more interested in Kendra’s current project Emma and Lisette. At times I wanted to skip the flashbacks and get back to the main story line but just went with the author’s desired flow. I found the broken up story kind of stop and go, but once you get over the red light green light structure of the story lines, you find the layout makes sense and every plot enjoyable.

Bewitching is layered like a black and white cookie aligning the lighter and darker parts of Kendra’s life side by side giving readers a complete picture of the flawed character. Little vignettes of past exploits depicting Kendra’s magical mishaps were fun and interesting ways of interpreting history with fairy tales. Flinn paints her heroine as a good witch who isn’t exactly good at being a witch, since her best intentions usually go awry with ill and unforeseen consequences. But by the end I don’t see Kendra as being bad at her craft. I think the linchpin of a successful spell isn’t dependent on the caster but by the person it’s meant to help, because ultimately they chose the outcome of the spell.

Curl up in a cozy corner and prepare yourself for an extended stay because Bewitching is the kind of book you’ll want to keep reading and finish with a smile on your face.

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4 stars -loved it! 

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