Monday’s Musings -Game Of Thrones Season 2

If you haven’t been enthralled by the epic HBO Show Game Of Thrones, now is the time to catch up and get hooked.

HBO has come a long way from the gritty prison cells of OZ, consistently raising the bar for network and cable television production and writing with original series like The Sopranos, Sex and The City, Six Feet Under, and True Blood. Game Of Thrones reaches a new level of spectacular with their blockbuster movie quality productions from sets and locations, to costumes, hair, and makeup that not only rival The Lord of The Rings but I’m sure makes Peter Jackson jealous.

There’s nothing else on TV like it. The quality doesn’t end with show’s surroundings and clothing, the post production and effects show HBO spared no expense. No cheesy SyFy channel movie FX will be found here. The vast divide between Game Of Thrones and any wannabes are as glaringly different as the first Twilight movie and Eclipse. And don’t give me a hard time twi-hards, I love the books as much as any of you but the movie was a failed exercise in medieval movie making and should be remade.

Of course all the hard work from the unseen heroes wouldn’t matter if it weren’t for the amazing cast. In a stroke of pure genius Boromir himself Sean Bean, played Lord Stark, which I think not only lent credit to the show but added an even broader fantasy fan base. The large cast is exceptionally talented especially the younger actors. I am particularly intrigued by Arya, and her fighting spirit, and am hoping Sansa will display some of that femme fatale I know is there. Plus there are quite a few talented and sexy guys to round out the horde of beautiful and deadly women in the cast.

It was painful to see the first season end, and the year in between has been equally excruciating, but with season two mere weeks away, I think we’ll all be pulling for the Starks. I know the blood, sweat, and hard work HBO put in this series will make the wait worth it.

Here’s just another reason to be impatiently awaiting the premier of one the best shows on television, Game Of Thrones, the season two teaser trailer.

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