Fun Lighthearted Quick Read

Dead is A Battlefield by Marlene Perez

In a city where the paranormal is the norm, Jess learns she’s a part of an ancient line of warrior women, and Nightshade High’s newest freshman is finding life is all about the fight. From her best friend’s suddenly lovesick fiend routine, to the strange romantic rock star triangle between herself, a beautiful sorceress. Jessica Walsh is going to have to battle it out for what she wants and the ones she loves, along with saving the city from a zombie invasion.

Marlene Perez’s Dead Is Series continues with a fresh face and new take on Nightshade. These are not complex thought provoking books, but they never fail to be fun, and full of mystery and a little romance. The lighthearted quirky nature of the books keep them from being boring or unappealing for older readers, but they do show talent and makes me wonder how great a more complicated story would be in Perez’s hands.

Perez takes simple story lines and surrounds them with interesting characters and ideas set in a fun captivating world. The Dead Is Series is a light and refreshing palette cleanser, that fells like a tasty satisfying snack between heavier more complicated books. If you’re looking for a quick escape any Dead Is book will do the trick.

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4 stars -loved it! 

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