Wednesday’s Watch -Infamous

So I have to admit, I haven’t read the parent books that spawned this YA series. And honestly after reading some of the reviews from the other Chronicles of Nick books, I’m not sure I want to. At least not yet. I don’t want the adult books to ruin the love I have for Nick right now. Maybe after the series has run it’s course I’ll work my way through how everything began. Infinity and Invincible are a lot of fun, I love the characters, New Orleans setting, and the idea of a second chance from the beginning.

It’s my opinion that this series is best enjoyed through audiobook. Holter Graham is amazing. I read the first book and listened to the second, and I have to say the Invincible was far more enjoyable for the simple fact that Graham did more than narrate that world, it felt more like I was listening to a movie than a book. I’ve heard a handful of great male narrators, and Holter Graham is not only really memorable but one of my top favorite guys who read to me.

I cannot wait to listen to this book.

Check out my review of Invincible or Order a copy of Infamous by Sherrilyn Kenyon on Amazon here.

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