A Hauntingly Beautiful Debut

Everneath by Brodi Ashton read by Amy Rubinate


Nikki Beckett has been seduced into a world of emotion feeding fiends. Now she has six months to make amends with her friends and family, before she returns to the Everneath. But what Nikki really wants is to see Jack, her love and constant, the one person who that got her through the eternity of living death known as the feed, one last time. Unfortunately her capture Cole, has other plans and will stop at nothing to convince Nikki to be his underworld queen. Yet, something about Cole’s actions are suspect, and as Nikki learns more about her bargain, she believes there might be another solution to either becoming a soul sucking immortal or enduring the endless torture of the Everneath.

Brodi Ashton delivers an impressive debut. Everneath is a hauntingly beautiful modern interpretation of a Greek classic. The story moves fluidly from past to present, revealing the plot and characters, in a difficult yet successful way. The world building and characters really emoted this sorrowful current, which set the tone perfectly. The writing style suited the plot, and helps the reader to connect with and fall for Nikki and Jack.

I found the tone and melancholy quality in Amy Rubinate’s narration as haunting and lovely as the words Brodi Ashton provided. She sold it for me. It wasn’t overly dramatic, just the right mix of regret, longing, and numbness. Rubinate did a wonderful job on the male voices as well, they were strong and didn’t sound forced. She reads well, and I found her easy to listen to. I loved her performance in this. Everneath has everything I look for in an audiobook, great production value, clear well read narration, and a wonderful performance by the narrator.

Everneath is a great addition to anyone’s library or playlist. It’s beautifully written, has a wonderful story, exceptionally flawed characters, and a great recording.

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5 stars -loved, loved, loved it! 

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