Chronicles of Nick & His Mother

Infamous by Sherrilyn Kenyon read by Holter Graham

Nick Gautier is walking the fine line between good and evil. With both sides conspiring to win his soul. This is Ambrose’s last shot at changing his fate, and not all of Nick’s friends are really his allies. Of course frenemies aren’t so bad when you own father’s out to kill you, demons are trying to enslave you, and your mom seems hellbent on ruining your love life and street cred with awful shirts and infinite groundings.

When trouble comes to his school in the form of cyber bullying, Nick makes it his new mission to find out who’s behind it and stop them. But Gautier is going to have to be careful, making the wrong choice could cost him his life, his soul, or the people he loves.

Sherrilyn Kenyon is not only taking on the plight of good and evil to save or destroy the world, she’s also tackling current trends in bullying, and the always popular parent/teen topics of sex, drugs, and drinking. Basically Nick might be too much of a saint for his age, with a mother who really doesn’t deserve him.

This book spent a lot of time trying to lay out and redefine Nick’s relationship with his mom. I found this dynamic as frustrating as Nick would, only I didn’t love her in the end, no matter how much Kenyon tried to redeem her. His relationships with Caleb and Kody on the other hand were refreshing in between the verbal or physical bashing Nick took in this one.

Infamous started off great and ended with a bang. It wasn’t as exciting to me as the past installments, but that was mainly because the author spent a lot of time laying the ground work for the series. The series is starting to take shape, but the main story plot seemed loosely threaded throughout the book to string together the bullying aspect. It was so strongly intertwined with the other story lines I felt it got lost at times, which I found made the plot hard to follow in the middle of the book, before things came together in the end.

Holter Graham did another amazing job narrating this series. Sometimes I feel like male readers don’t do enough to emphasize female characters, but Graham never fails to create wonderful voices for each distinct character. He reads so clearly, recreating Kenyon’s words with his accents, pronunciations, and diction which are always spot on. The Chronicle’s of Nick really highlights Graham’s strength, in matching a voice with the character’s personality. Some narrators just change the tone of their voice, but Graham uses a mixture of vocal nuances, accents, and acting to deliver an auditory mirage of characters. Holter Graham is a big part of why I enjoy this series as much as I do.

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4 stars -loved it! 

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