Wednesday’s Watch -The Hunger Games Movie!!!!


I admit I haven’t gotten my ticket yet, but I hardly ever pre-order movie tickets or go to those first late night screenings. I always opt for the early show Sunday mornings when everyone’s at church and the theater’s not too busy. Of course I hate having to wait that long, but my need to enjoy the movie always out weighs my impatience. I love the books and think the movie looks pretty awesome. You can tell the studio put a lot of money into making this movie, and I think it’s always a good sign when prominent actors want to be apart of a film. While the young stars aren’t as well known, but for the most part they have some pretty impressive resumes already. Plus I love Stanley Tucci, who plays Caesar Flickerman, he’s great in everything he does. My biggest concern is whether they will get the SFX right for Katniss’s “Girl On Fire Outfit”, it’s a really important moment for me and hope they don’t screw it up.

 Love this image, simply because of Woody Harrelson posture, it’s sooo Haymitch.

Anyway while we wait for the film’s release, enjoy this propaganda from CAPITAL TV.

Check out more at The Hunger Games Movie Website.

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