Fun Follow Up

Spellcaster by Cara Lynn Shultz

After the trauma of falling into an ill-fated love, and breaking the curse that has domed them over the centuries Emma and Brendan are just trying to enjoy their well earned reprieve.

Unfortunately the couple’s true love status is out and with it the key to a powerful ritual. Someone from their past is looking to collect on Emma and Brendan’s romantic magic. Long ago wrongs are driving an evil hellbent on destroying Emma and her beau. Em will have to tap into her witchy ways to have any chance at defeating this new nemesis and saving her and Brendan from another deadly fate.

Spellcaster follows the mystical ordeals of Emma and Brendan once again. While Spellcaster wasn’t as terribly romantic as Spellbound the sequel had some of the same romance fans fell for. Em and Brendan’s relationship is maturing as are their friendships. The supporting cast really get to come out from the background and shine in this one, I loved Liam, Ashley, Angelique, and Cisco. Honestly I thought Spellbound could be a standalone, I wasn’t quite sure where Shultz could take a story about cursed lovers breaking the curse, but there was a pretty good plot here completely independent from the original thread and villain. There was lots of action and magic though I would’ve liked more of a magical presence and world buiding.

Spellcaster is a fun follow up, with great characters and an interesting plot. It’s a wonderful book to spend the weekend with.

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4 stars -loved it! 

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