Book of the Week!!! 05/07-05/14

Am I the only one who wishes she was a Shadowhunter? Cassandra Clare manages to combine all my favorite supernatural species with a pretty cool world. City of Bones is one of my favorite YA books and not just because of the characters and story lines, but because of the lingo. Clare did what few authors are able to create, a literary language that crosses over to pop culture. Mundanes and Downworlders alike can agree that a turn of phrase hasn’t been embraced by fans like this since HP had everyone bummed that they were muggles instead of witches and wizards. If you want to immerse yourself in a world you won’t want to leave pick up a copy of City of Bones.

Check out all of Cassandra Clare’s books on Amazon here.


  1. Man, I would give anything to be a Shadowhunter! What an amazing world Clare has created. As excited as I am for this installment, I’m also sad because it means this series is drawing to a close. I adore this series (and Clare’s other series) but i wish it was a world I could be an active part of, instead of simply being a passive reader.

    • I know what you mean. When a book is really good you don’t want to just escape for the duration of a few hundred pages. Well definitely stay tuned this week I have a few features you will be interested in.

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