Monday’s Musings -What’s New in the World of Sequels

I found some newly released covers and a little Bloodlines news this week.

There’s a lot happening in the YA world of sequels! Checkout these newly released covers from some popular series spanning urban fantasy, dystopian, horror, and paranormal romance, lending a little eye candy no matter what your flavor of choice. Jennifer Estep posted the new cover of Mythos Academy book #4 on goodreads. Crimson Frost is sporting a different model, not as pretty as the last one but I still can’t wait to read it. Marie Lu’s Legend series gets a darker spin, at least cover wise, making me wonder what sinister dystopian story lines she has in store for us in Prodigy. Zombie fans rejoice because Lia Habel’s Dearly Beloved must be close to release with a very hauntingly victorian cover. Lastly Becca Fitzpatrick’s Finale to her Hush Hush saga gives us yet another stunning black and white cover with just a touch of red. Check them all out below.

Plus Richelle Mead is fueling frantic fan who have recently devoured The Golden Lily by sharing the title and release date on Bloodlines book 4. Good news, The Indigo Spell will be released in February 2013, making the excruciating wait last only eight months and just in time for Valentine’s Day ladies, so tell your man to skip the flowers and just bring the book and box of chocolates to indulge while we savory the romantic woes of Sid and Adrian.

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