Wednesday’s Watch -The Mark Of Athena

October seems like FOREVER when waiting for the installment of The Heroes of Olympus series. The Mark Of Athena will finally merge the powerhouse demigods from both camps as they begin their journey to Greece. I can’t wait to see how Percy and Jason get along as well as what Annabeth is going to do that could jeopardize the quest. Rick Riordan is such an efficient writer, there’s practically no filler, and any threads he plants will be used. I love how all his books flow with plenty of humor and action to keep a reader engrossed. I know i’m not the target audience but that’s the beauty of a great story it transcends boundaries and appeals to the big kid in us all. Riordan’s works are the books you love to read to your children. The only thing I’m bummed about when it comes to this series is the fact that the audiobook comes out a week after the book. And I love the audiobooks. Whatever format you like don’t miss out on the deceptively educational and extremely addictive Heroes Of Olympus series.

The Mark Of Athena will be released on October 3rd. Pre-order your copy on Amazon here.

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