Lies and Love

Lies Beneath by Anne Greenwood Brown

Calder White has a score to settle. Though, his heart’s not quite as into revenge as his marauding mermaid sisters’ but a promise is a promise. And the only fair debt for a promise broken and the fate of their mother, is the death of Jason Hancock. If Calder plays his role right, a part he’s confidently played many times before, he’ll receive the freedom he desires. Unfortunately Lilly Hancock isn’t like any prey he’s lured before and Calder won’t know what’s got it’s hooks in him until it’s too late.

Lies beneath is not the typical mermaid fairytale. A lot of the choices Brown makes gives this book a refreshing facelift to the tried and used concepts surrounding the genre. My favorite part of Lies Beneath is the male perspective. I found Calder’s voice interesting and different. It reminded me of a guy version of Cinderella with his evil stepsisters and good heart. Lilly was fun as well, not being the typical quirky artsy character, into fine arts or fiction but poetry. The only downside is the story line wasn’t complex enough. You could very easily see where things were going. Yet the characters, romance, and Brown’s unique take on the mythology keeps the reader’s interest from focusing too much on any transparencies.

Anne Greenwood Brown’s debut is a little something different with a lot of great things going for it. Lies Beneath is an entertaining read told by an unusual voice just in time for beach reading season.

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4 stars -loved it! 

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