Engaging and Entertaining

Grave Memory by Kalayna Price

A girl’s gotta want more out of life, especially when your Prince Charming drinks out of the toilet and has his wardrobe imported from Petsmart.

Personally Alex’s prospects aren’t much better with one fey knight who’s just as likely to kiss Alex as he is to kill her and one soul collector who’s avoiding her, which with Alex’s luck probably means that Death is just not that into her. Professionally the only constant is a perpetually empty bank account, and at this point Craft’s main career goal is staving off blindness.

So naturally Tongues For The Dead is expanding, taking on more than just shade raising, adding a couple new investigators, and an only slightly rundown office in a sketchy part of the magic quarter. Good thing too, because Alex is going to need all the help and resources she can get for this case. Suicides are suddenly on the rise. Shades and ghosts have no memory of their last days or death. Craft is sure Nekros has a supernatural serial killer on the loose. And he’s gunning for a certian plain weaving grave witch.

Kalanya Price wastes no time kicking things into gear. The pacing was great, even the various plot setups and in between dialogue are really engaging giving the story constant movement when the action isn’t in play. Price has written another challenging and ambitious book full of story lines to match her dueling plains of reality. The focus shifts from the fey driven threads of Grave Dance to address Alex’s ever evolving life on the human plain. I like how the existing format of the Craft’s life and world are changing as much as the characters’ are. So many series get stagnant and boring because the author doesn’t let the story or characters grow together. The changes made by the end of the book make me feel like the real story is just beginning.

Can I say that I have never wanted a love triangle so badly as I do with this series. I have picked my team and Grave Memory has a bit more romance than the last book. It was nice to finally see Death make his case for Alex’s hand. Of course Craft can’t catch a break since her relationships seem to come with extra complications. Yet I can’t help but enjoy Price’s sense of timing. She’s not in a rush with the romance and she has only really focused on one beau at a time, letting the readers get to know Death and Falin along with their unique situations. I don’t know when the two will collide but I can’t wait to read it. The author’s romantic spacing also keeps Alex from being just another wishy washy heroine who can’t choose between her two or three love interests.

Grave Memory is my favorite in the series so far. The characters and world building have progressed so much that it seems like three books in and we are only just beginning the Alex Craft novels. My one complaint is that this series only comes out once a year and I’m primed and ready for this next chapter to begin.

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5 stars -loved, loved, loved it! 

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