Just Right

Just for Fins by Tera Lynn Childs

Being a mermaid crown princess should be easy. Unfortunately sitting Kings and Queens don’t take land loving teenage princesses seriously. Throw in graduation and an impossible test of devotion on Quince’s part, and it’s a miracle Lily Sanderson isn’t pulling her scales out.

In the process of trying to help her newly bonded mermate, Tellen, save his kingdom and people Lily is thrown a huge reality check.Turns out all of her time on land has left Lily out of touch with the concerns of other merfolk, the state of the ocean, and her fellow kingdoms. But she’s determaned to make a difference and be a great leader. Unfortunately opposition is growing among her kind and as she struggles to bring the kingdoms together she uncovers some disturbing plans by her fellow mer monarchs.

She’ll have to hatch a risky political plan to get her point across and keep the peace between humans and their mythical neighbors.

Just For Fins was just the right mix of young to attract the lower spectrum of the YA audience while not being too childish that it completely turns off the adult crowd. It was also socially aware of environmental concerns without being condescending and overly preachy.

Childs is expanding her world building and giving her heroine a lot of new responsibility. She didn’t neglect her secondary characters either giving Doe a much more mature air as well. I really like the growth and challenges the characters had to face. The introduction of all the different kingdoms and monarchs balanced out Lily’s growth with a world to match. Even though the romance is a secondary plot compared to the previous books, the author still gives the thread a strong and compelling concept to satisfy the die hard romantics.

Just For Fins is another wonderful installment perfect for any age. It struck just the right balance of growth, maturity, and romance to keep fans happy and looking forward to another summer full of fin filled fairytales.

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4 stars -loved it! 

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