Perfect Light Summery Beach Read

Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

Emma’s world is rapidly changing all around her. After a tragic trip to Florida she starts finding odd abilities and strange occurrences, including the appearance of a beautiful boy she can’t help but be drawn to.

Em’s life is about to get even more surreal as she delves deeper into her new beau, Galen’s background and world while exploring her own new and unusual growing powers.

Of Poseidon’s elegant cover surprises you with a funny quirky story as refreshing as an ice cold lemonade on a hot day. After all the dark dystopian and urban fantasies that have been my main fiction fix of late, Of Poseidon was a nice fun YA romance, full of potentially embarrassing laugh out loud moments. The story was a bit transparent in places but I still thoughly enjoyed this book. The dual POVs really gives you a well rounded look into Galen and Emma’s budding romance. Banks also takes stale stereotypes to create a few amazing new ideas for some fresh world building.

With a little bit of hilarious, loads of fun and flirty romance, there’s a lot to like about Of Poseidon. If you’re looking for the perfect light summery beach read then add Of Poseidon on the top of your summer reading list.

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5 stars -loved, loved, loved it! 

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