Romance Heats Up Like A Bunsen Burner

The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead read by Emily Shaffer

Step aside Rose, there’s a new kickass heroine emerging proving brawn doesn’t always trump brains.

Sydney cannot have imagined that the cushy posh post of Palm Springs could have entailed so much work. After an epic battle with the forces of evil she finds her duties downgraded to the mother henning of a misfit crew of vampire court exiles including one beautifully damaged playboy Moroi, one disgraced guardian, one princess in hiding, and a clueless country dhampi. Add on a research team of restored Strigoi, a stalker-like pushy fashion designer threatening her princess protection program, and it’s a wonder that Syd has time for homework.

All of her extraordinary extracurricular activities aside Sage has no social life whatsoever. But that’s about to change. Good thing Sage is a multi-tasker, because all hell breaks loose while hearts are broken as romance heats up like a bunsen burner and Sydney Sage proves even the most mundane aspects of life, like dating can be bazaar.

Unfortunately the little bit of normalcy and safety Sage and her friends gained after uncovering Keith’s side business and Lee’s betrayal is about to end as a new threat arises and the ramblings of a senile old vampire seem to hold more truth than paranoid fiction.

Sydney will be tested to her limits as she finds herself on the edge of a dangerous balance between her beliefs and the truths and understanding she’s beginning to gain. But when it comes down to a choice of dedication versus desire, will it be her resolve or heart that gets shattered.

There are not enough stars in the night sky to rate this book, it was that good. Richelle Mead just keeps getting better. Mead’s planning and forethought really come together in this installment solidly connecting all the threads like dots from Bloodlines to the VA series. The perfect puzzle pieces adds so much depth to an already enthralling story line that you don’t want it to end. Mead also keeps her world fresh by introducing new and interesting groups like a sect of human vampire hunters.

Romance is front and center in The Golden Lily as Sydney gets a boyfriend and the attention of Adrian. It’s a classic star-crossed lovers theme that will make many readers swoon even more for Mr. Ivashkov. Love triangles pop up left and right for The Golden Lily cast making it even harder to wait for the next installment.

After hearing Bloodlines I had to have the audiobook for TGL as well. Emily Shaffer does another outstanding job with her pitch perfect portrayal of Mead’s wide range of personalities. Shaffer delivers a great mix of controlled type-A personality with enough quirk and naivety to make Sydney lovable. All her voices really stay true to how I read them in the books and Shaffer puts a lot into her narrations which makes me fell like she’s as excited about reading them as I am.

I have nothing bad to say about The Golden Lily it was everything I was hoping for and more. Whatever your criteria is for a great book Mead is sure to have met and exceeded it with great story lines, wonderful characters, new and interesting aspects to the already established VA world, nice pacing, action, growth, and intrigue. The Golden Lily is a book that leaves you satisfied and longing for The Indigo Spell. Don’t miss out on the Bloodlines series and The Golden Lily, its’ a definite summer must have.

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5 stars -loved, loved, loved it! 

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