One-Note Novel

Auracle by Gina Rosati

Anna has a unique ability to attune herself to the vibrations of the world and astrally project from her body. For as long as she can remember she’s used this knack to travel, escape, and do things her everyday life can’t afford. When tragedy strikes leaving Anna without a body, it not only opens her eyes to the things she’s taken for granted but will also challenge the extent of her abilities.

Sadly the most exciting thing about Auracle was the cover. Gina Rosati’s debut was ok, and by all means should have been a good read. Auracle has all the building blocks to support it, nice foundation, good ideas, solid story lines, but was kind of bland. The characters had interesting backgrounds but no dimension to them, they were flat, stereotypical, and offensive. For example the antagonist Taylor has everything and all the pressure to go with it so her solution is to be overly aggressive, overtly sexually provocative, and get pregnant. When that doesn’t work, she tries ruin as many other lives as possible, simply because this smart beautiful girl can’t find any other way to rebel against being forced to go to Yale to become a judge and lead her own path in life. I think the story and characters definitely needed more work, more fantasy, it was a little too grounded in reality and didn’t push any limits or challenge the reader.

Auracle has all the elements for a standout but is more of an in-between read, not quite good, not horribly bad, just blah, which could be worse. I really had to work through this one, the story got a bit boring at times and the characters weren’t very likable, their motivations bland, making it a one-note novel.

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2 stars -NOT for me.

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