Thursday’s Thoughts -¿Comprende? No Comprende.

¿Comprende? No Comprende.

A few days ago I wrote a rather harsh review of The Iron Wyrm Affair by Lilith Saintcrow. I’ve read some of her YA but Saintcrow isn’t one of my goto authors. Still I was really excited about reading this book, which made my disappointment all the more crushing. Soon after I received a comment on Amazon that proceeded to belittle me for not knowing the difference between Victorian and Shakespearean prose. This person’s arguments were sound and very informative. I literally got a brief History of Literature lesson in five lines or less. The Amazon member then basically called me an idiot with the reading comprehension level of elementary schooler.

Normally someone sending me a comment like this wouldn’t bother me but this guy was really kind of nasty about it. This member was accusing me of not being capable of comprehending this book, yet ironically they miscomprehended part of my review.

This makes me wonder, how much of what I write is really being read or simply skimmed over, or if my low rating automatically caused them to quickly dismiss my assessment. Clearly this person wasn’t in the market to buy since they alluded to the book as something they read and liked. I also get the impression that my choice of reading materials was questionable as well. Which I think offends me more then someone thinking I’m just some idiot. Yeah, I mostly read YA but it doesn’t mean more challenging literature is beyond me or that an assessment I make on an adult book is any less informative than someone who only likes adult fiction. But I guess that’s a topic for another post.

Do you think most consumers take the time to really read what a reviewer writes? Or do some people just make judgments on reviews based solely on the number of stars they see? Does a reviewer’s reading habits carry any sway when you read their reviews?

You can read the review and see the comment and my response on Amazon here.

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