Surprisingly Successful Hodgepodge of Ideas

Precinct 13 by Tate Hallaway

Alex Connor is trying to make a small town fresh start far from her big city sins. Unfortunately just when things start looking up for Alex, everything comes crashing down. Strange things are happening in the seemingly sleepy town as Alex delves deeper into a secret society of supernaturals and the case of the missing corpse, she’s finding the crazy from her past might not be crazy at all.

Tate Hallaway flips the traditional thinking of magic and the supernatural in new and exciting ways, delivering a fresh take on the otherwise standard rules and mythology readers are so accustom too. Hallaway’s accidental witch and unusual magic shows she’s not afraid to take herself too seriously. That willingness to think outside the box of convention works to set Precinct 13 apart from similar books. None of the characters were typical supernatural creatures when you got beyond the surface title, there was always something slightly different in their magic or being that took the world building an extra step further making everything a bit richer. There were a lot of interesting ideas, that could’ve gone horribly wrong but somehow worked. The story lines and mysteries flowed and came together really well.

I think the least interesting part of the book was the romance. It was there, it was fine, but very typical. I didn’t like the somewhat domineering chemistry of Valentine and Alex, plus they just kind of fell in with each other. Their relationship didn’t go with her personality to me. There is a possibility in the future for a romantic rival to liven things up. But for the most part I didn’t find the love story as innovative as some other aspects of the book.

Overall Precinct 13 was a really great read. The author successfully manages an eclectic hodgepodge of ideas creating a contemporary interpretation far from the norm. Leaving me excited to see what Tate Hallaway comes up with next for Alex and Precinct 13.

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4 stars -loved it! 

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