Loving Dark Kiss

Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowan

An unholy infestation has overtaken the town of Trinity and Samantha Day has unknowingly become a power player in her local league of angels and demons.
After an impromptu make out session with her long time crush, Sam is finding she’s not quite the same. A constant hunger that no amount of food seems able to satisfy has become an annoyance along with all the weird new attention every guy within range keeps giving her. But that attraction is nothing compared to the one she shares with Bishop. Unfortunately they seem to be on the opposite sides of good vs evil. Yet he has a can’t kill her can’t live without her problem at the moment. If Sam can manage to stay alive she might just save her soul and her city.

Michelle Rowen strikes a wicked accord between world building and storytelling. Rowen spun some new ideas with existing theology to create a unique world of angels, demons, and something in between. I really like the story lines and concept of angels and demons working together to keep a balance in the world. Her characters were interesting and presents lots of possibilities for growth. I think some of the threads were a bit predictable but overall the plot and world building has a lot of flexibility for the author to play with and in turn I can’t wait to read which paths she chooses.

Dark Kiss was a fun read with a great concept and world. If you love angels and demons but don’t want the usual mythology that comes with them, then add Dark Kiss to you must read list.

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4 stars -loved it! 

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