A Dark Fairytale

Hester has forsaken love for life. The women in her family have a strange habit of dying after child birth. The possibility of a genetic defect can’t compare to the mythical reality she faces. With the help of a few mysterious locals Hester must unravel her ancestry and the curse that binds her life to the past in ordeal to have a future.

Monstrous Beauty is a dark fairytale that shifts between the threads of time to show the actions of one and the repercussions faced generations later. I really liked how the story folded and unfolded on to itself. I did find that it was predictable and the world was a bit dreary. But I found the characters to be interesting and loved how everything came together.

Beautiful and deadly the author has written a story that’s mostly traditional yet a little bit edgy. Elizabeth Fama creates a rich dark world and complicated curse sure to please faithful mermaid readers looking for a more traditional version of the mythical creatures.

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