A Nice Romantic Murder Mystery

Being the new girl in your old town comes with a special kind of awkward. It’s an even more torturous experience when you have a wealth of family oddities and live in a cursed house. Clare couldn’t blend in if she tried. Her quirky style and love of fashion sets her apart in the beachy town of Winston, California.

But when her strange talent of seeing the past through people’s clothes takes her down a dark path toward the town’s most infamous murder mystery, will she deny the gift she was given or embrace everything she is.

Hanging By A Thread was a thoroughly enjoyable book. I liked the characters the most, and Littlefield’s undertones about fitting in and excepting who you are even when others can’t see past what they want you to be. I found these underlying personal struggles more compelling than the plot. The story line wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as original as I had hoped it would be.

Overall though, Hanging By A Thread was nice romantic murder mystery with great characters and themes sure to strike a cord with young adults.

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