An Intense Emotional Conclusion


Nothing worth having is ever easy. Fighting for what’s right has it’s rewards and as Jacinda’s learned it also has a price. As she sets off to make amends, Jace can’t imagine the biggest threat isn’t the enemy hunting her but the one she never saw coming.

A daring rescue. Secrets revealed. Choices made. Blood betrayed. A story beyond stunning.

Hidden, is a carefully curated story written in simple yet impactful prose, Sophie Jordan delivers an intense emotional conclusion to her Firelight series. The elegantly crafted voice of Jacinda is so stark, simply stated and unabashedly honest that it can’t help but resonate with readers. Fans of the first two installments will find the same quality of characters and story lines, the same all consuming need to devour every word and mourn the absence of paper after the 272nd page. But as Jacinda’s story ends, the possibilities don’t. Jordan leaves a lot of room for more. Several characters are left with an open thread prime for a continuation or spinoff. Hopefully we won’t have to leave the world of Firelight so soon.

Hidden is a fitting finale full of wow worthy writing, striking story lines, and complex characters, Sophie Jordan has written another book to fall in love with.

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