Entertaining But Still Unengaging

Pele incarnate is back and setting Miami ablaze in Embers and Echoes a Wildefire sequel. Ashline Wilde is on a quest to find her youngest sister but is in for quite a brawl. Lesley Vanderbilt still has a score to settle and she’s enlisted her own local league of gods looking to spark their own agenda and they want to count the littlest Wilde as one of their own.

Unfortunately battling bad guys and saving her sister is just the start. Ex-flame Colt Halliday has other plans and Ash maybe playing right into them.

I didn’t love Wildefire. I didn’t like Ash. But I did find Embers and Echoes resolved quite a few of my issues from the first book. Again I think the premise and ideas are solid. Plus in book two we find out some background and motivation for why characters like Eve and Ash are at odds with each other. Knight sets up the series story line by the end of the book so readers get an idea of where he plans on taking things. I think the pacing was good for most of the book, things were a little slower in the middle but the book was filled with a lot of action and quite a few epic battles to balance things out. There were a couple of scenes that didn’t work for me. One was to be an emotional confrontation under a weeping willow that was more like an uncomfortable soap opera scene than the heart wrenching episode I thought it was meant to be.

Ashline was much more likable in this book, she’s not as selfish and she’s looking for her sister which helped remove her from the heroines you hate category. I also liked a lot of the newly introduced supporting characters. Yet I still found it hard to connect with the book. The world is filled with a lot of animosity which I think fuels the disconnect but the biggest challenge for me is that while Ash is more likable she’s not to the flawed but lovable heroine stage. And while I give the author credit for not being afraid to off his characters, it’s those characters who are likable, that I am interested in and invested in seeing make it through, that don’t make it at all. And then we’re left with mostly villains.

Overall I found Embers and Echoes entertaining but still unengaging. While I liked the sequel better than Wildfire, I’m still finding a disconnect. The heroine has come a long way and I really liked where the author is taking the story but I’m hoping as Ash evolves and more of the background and story is revealed, I’ll find what’s missing for me and along with a book I truly love.

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