Sci Fi Yumminess

In a world where traffic is sky high and the rain can kill you, it’s the telepaths that everyone’s wary of. With a string of murders haunting the city, the police’s top teep is going to have to stop the killer quickly before he becomes the next victim.

Alex Hughes weaves an intricate urban fantasy infused detective story creating a rich complex landscape of sci fi yumminess. The lead is a completely flawed tortured soul with powerful telepathic abilities. Readers are submerged in the hero’s battle with addiction as he finds his way to the first steps to wanting to be clean. I loved the anonymity of the protagonist and the irony that the readers don’t get to learn his name until the last few lines of the book.

I didn’t quite understand the whole Clean world history and Mindspace concept but the wonderfully layered story and complex characters written in a really unique world makes clean a winning read.

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