Thursday’s Thoughts -YA+

Well, fellow adult Twilighters, Downworlders, Muggles, and Mundies the secret’s out, Publishers Weekly is reporting that adults out buy their younger counterparts by more than half. Not that this is a real surprise to the YA community.

The YA publishing industry is marketed to the 12 to 17 year-old demographic but appeals more to the 18 and up crowd. Who’s buying these gems of teenage angst filled fiction? More than a quarter of YA book sales are made by readers in the age range of 30 to 44. While some of these consumers are reading to find appropriate books for their kids most are reading for the simple pleasure found between the pages. What brought about this revelation? The disproportionate amount of e-book sales to the number of teen readers using such devices.

It seems maybe the surveyors of this study are the last to know of the genre’s popularity outside of it’s intended audience. The past few years have seen an influx of adult authors branching out into YA fiction not only for their own love of the lit but because of their fan base’s ever-growing appetites, and the potential to attract more readers.

Understanding the Children’s Book Consumer in the Digital Age was sponsored by some big names in the industry as market research. Maybe this is just the validation publishing houses need to keep the YA movement going strong amidst the digital change. I know I’m tired of seeing the YA section in my local bookstores dwindling in size and availability, especially with the virtually limitless options from online vendors.

So fellow fangirls and boys of the YA+ sect let us worship the words of characters almost half our age, in worlds set in the treacherous landscapes of lockers and boarding schools, where love is at it’s sweetest most innocent incarnation. Let us bask in the joy of a good book regardless of it’s intended age group. I’ll meet you all in the YA isle.

Read the Publishers Weekly article here.

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