All About Owen

Always being the one to make the hard choices leaves it’s toll. Normally getting between a rock and a hard place is a pretty comfortable position for Gin, unfortunately getting caught up in a widow’s web not only threatens lives but her love as well. And the toll between the lesser of two evils could cost Gin couples counseling or her relationship Owen.

Even after a vacation Gin is finding herself running a little ragged. It seems like every two bit lowlife trying to make a name for themselves are constantly bombarding her oinking oasis of The Pork Pit. Yet even as the criminal underbelly of Ashland is vying to establish a hierarchy through the destruction of the Spider, Gin can’t begin to imagine that her toughest opponent would be one aiming at her heart.

I am really glad to see this series has been extended and at just the perfect time. Jennifer Estep has really come into her own. Gone are the long clunky recaps that hindered the flow of installments past. Any background was new and important, filler free. Estep expertly weaves the past and present to create a streamlined plot.

Estep has done a pretty thorough job building Gin’s character and powers. In Widow’s Web she pushing her heroine’s weakness by going straight for Gin’s heart, because it’s all about Owen. I love that we get to know more about the mysterious Grayson and the dreamy love interest is showing a few cracks in his perfection. While he’s still Blanco’s ideal man, it adds a new depth and realness to his character. Plus it shows Estep isn’t afraid to step outside of Gin and put just as much focus on another character. While Gin has made leaps and strides in the relationship box, it’s still her most difficult character aspect. I like that the author is working on all the heroine’s flaws for a more balanced Gin. Of course being well fleshed out has downside, readers aren’t going to get any fun insight to some great new facet of Gin’s powers, but we do get to meet and get to know some new characters as Gin continues to collecting a few new friends along the way.

This is the first time I’ve opted for an audiobook in this series. Lauren Fortgang’s country accent didn’t really appeal to me and was a little distracting at first but grew on me as the story went on. Fortgang had a wide range of accents, voices, and good acting abilities. She made it easy to follow the story and get invested into it. Estep is lucky to have landed such a wonderful narrator for her series.

Widow’s Web is another amazing installment from Jennifer Estep. Filled with heartbreaking choices, action, interesting characters, and a great plot that will leave you needing the next installment.

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