An Enticing Read

Violet continues on her journey as a newly embraced Grigori, with a few new friends, teachers, and challenges in Entice. But all is not paradise for Eden, she’s learning the hard way that every choice has repercussions. Lincoln has been distant and MIA while everyone else is in a race to save the one thing that the Exiles could use to destroy the Grigori.

Jessica Shirvington’s second installment of her Embrace series ramps up the action and intrigue. While Embrace was more focused on world building, setting up Violet’s character and creating the foundation for the series threads, Entice was really about kicking off the overall plot. I did find some of the plot points were quite transparent, but Entice was still more complex and exciting than it’s predecessor. The layering of the story lines, Violet’s personal struggles and professional ones, running parallel then intersecting was really done seamlessly.

I especially enjoyed the new additions to the cast. The overly eager Spence was my favorite but the additional teenage Grigori added the much needed youth to Vi’s inner circle. I also liked the concept of soul mates for Grigori that was introduced and how the author is creating tension and conflict to draw out the love story for the leading couple, which is typical yet how Shirvington is accomplishing it is anything but expected.

I love Rebecca Macauley’s narration. She has a lovely Aussie accent. She has a wide range of voices and other accents, Macauley was just easy to listen to. Embrace and Entice are very well done audiobooks. If this format is one you’re considering, I truly think it’s the way to go.

Entice was an exceptional sequel despite the few foreseen plot points. The story was interesting and different, Shirvington injected new life into mix with some diverse and much needed fun personalities, and she kept things fresh and exciting with lots of action, a little adventure, and some solid world building. Basically everything that makes an Enticing read.

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