Dead Is A Killer Read

Jessica Walsh is trying to juggle her busy life as a high school freshman, responsible big sister, and the newest member of warrior women known as Virago. So Nightshade’s first annual Battle of the Bands should be a welcome distraction, as the competition heats up, band members are going down. Jessica and her friends are going to have figure out what’s going on before the threat consumes the city.

Marlene Perez has written another fun read. While I was disappointed at first when Daisy’s leading lady status ended, I actually like Jessica’s character more. A lot of books skim over a lead’s role in their family but Perez makes her character’s home life and family an important feature in every book of this series. The romance takes an interesting turn as well, throwing a few challenges in Jess’s way for a happy heart. I can’t say I didn’t see the bad guy from a hundred pages away, but Dead Is never an unexpected whodunit. Regardless I still really enjoyed the mystery that was tailor made to fit Jessica.

Dead Is A Killer Tune is a killer read, great for a fun quick escape.

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