Book of the Week!!! 10/09-10/15

Fury’s Kiss was a monster. Aside from having a hefty page count for a mass market paperback, each page was a joy to read. It felt like Chance was trying to make up for lost time by taking her time with the story lines. I love where the plot and Dory’s character are going, I just wish I knew how long I’m going to have to wait for the next one.

If you haven’t fallen for this series then pick it up. It’s a whole lot of urban fantasy with some steamy paranormal romance thrown in, it’s funny and interesting with an expansive world filled by vamps, fey, and a tiny dhampir with big personality.

 Get a copy of Fury’s Kiss on Amazon here.


  1. I agree! Definitely made up for lost time here. I recently picked up this series so I didn’t have to deal with the 2 year wait. Now I’m in the boat with all of you guys. I can see why she can only manage 1 book a year. She fills these stories to the brim.

    • I think she was managing one Cassie one Dory book a year but an illness side tracked her for a while and pushed everything back. Still I think Chance is more focused on the Palmer series I think she writes two of those for every one of Dory. Can’t wait for the next one though, it’s always great to find a series like this one.

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