UNDEADLY- Fun and Fast Paced

undeadMolly’s just trying to be a normal teenager. Crushing on the cute popular guy, planning a killer party, and trying not to become zombie food. But normal only goes so far when you’re a necromancer in training and work in a zombie emporium. Molly’s life changes drastically when she tries to save the life of a friend and inadvertently changes her own instead.

Undeadly is a quick quirky read filled with a lot of interesting ideas and world building. I loved the use of egyptian mythology mixed in with necromancers, reapers, and zombies. The unfolding of Molly’s future and her family’s past was another positive for me. But I did find some of the story lines were transparent and the dialogue could have been better. Molly seemed a little too naive and trusting in parts. I was really into the ideas of a semi magical reality with zombies as companions and a magical boarding school and wished there was more of it. I actually wished Vail had used this first book to really develop and immerse the reader in her world and mythology, establishing stronger relationships and making the main plot point more complex instead of working in the competing threads.

I think the possibilities for this series are plenty and look forward to reading more about Molly and Vail’s world.

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