Book of the Week!!! 02/19-02/27


I will make this short and sweet since there’s really only one way to describe this book and series: Genius.

 Get a copy of Scarlet on Amazon here.



    • Well I highly recommend the audiobook version. In Scarlet the narrator Rebecca Soler proved that she a rock star expertly voicing multiple accents. Plus the Cinder audiobook is like $10 on iTunes, it’s listed for the same price on audible but I’m not sure if the price will change if your not a member.

      • It’s really the only way i get anything done. At first it was to multitask, get some of my reading done while I was at work on my computer instead of listening to music. Now I’m slightly addicted to them, I have to have something to listen to when I’m cooking, cleaning, or driving.

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