About Unwasted Words

Love & Loathing Online. Unwasted Words is a literary lifestyle blog dedicated to the 3B’s of my (sometimes) sinful pleasures: Beauty, Barking, and Books.

My initial plan was to simply start a book blog and expand my reviewing into a broader forum than the amazonian one my reviews currently inhabit. The more I started to invest in building this book blog the more interested I became in maybe creating a separate place for my views on beauty and pet products. Yet I felt my nearly non- existent catalogue of thoughts on the subjects wouldn’t make for very compelling content at this time. But the idea of piggybacking a few of my other favorite things with my book blog was an intriguing one.

In the end making Unwasted Words more than a book blog just felt right. It sets me apart from other book bloggers and their sites, while giving me one place in the cyber universe to rant and connect with others who like the same things.

About Me

My name is Anne and I create things. I’m an artist and designer who likes to read in my free time. For a little over a year I have been writing reviews on Amazon under my username Kale. While I’ve always loved to write, reading was not always one of my favorite things. I’m not sure when the shift happened exactly, but finding a genre I liked and found interesting made all the difference.

About Fido Favs

I never understood why people put clothes on a dog. Then we got a puppy and I totally got it. Gypsy is my extremely spoiled Yorkie. She’s my inspiration for the Fido Favs section. All the product reviews are based on my adventures in pet parentage. I hope my knowledge and experiences can help others with their four legged fur babies.

About Beautific

I am a girlie girl. I love makeup and grooming products and sharing the great products I find whenever I’m asked about them. So this part of my blog not only gives me a place connect with others but also a reason to go out and explore more beautific products!

My reviews can be found on AmazonGoodReads, and Barnes & Noble.


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